Float Therapy

This week I used water therapy at “The Salt Barn” in Smyrna, TN as part of my self-care. This sensory deprivation tank has 900 pounds of the purest quality of salt which allows your body to float for 30 minutes peacefully at skin temperature. Relaxing music plays and tension dissolves as you let yourself soak up the benefits of stress reduction. It is know to help with muscle and joint pain, sleep regulation, PTSD, depression, Jet lag, headaches, and High blood pressure.


Shawna22We are all doing the best we can with life based on our experiences.  You never know how fragile someone might be when you interact with them.  An act of kindness could be a positive impact on their life.  Kindness matters.  Bathe yourself in reverence as if you were a new born baby, or it was your last bath.