Today has been a rainy, chilly day in Tennessee, but it was full of bright light coming off the creatives I hung out with. Michelle, (Passionate Health and Wellness Coach) ( invited me to an empowerment lunch in Nashville. She not only managed to get four friends to join her and drive us there, she also took Starbucks orders for us and even cared about the details of what type of milk we wanted in it. It was a great treat to be treated so great!

Lauren, the motivational speaker was a playful, badass woman who was recently invited to Oprah’s home. I got to hug her on my way out, but did not bother her for the photo I wanted to take with her, even though she would not have minded at all, because she was that kind.

I did get a photo with Michelle (by her action of course) and Sara, (Passionate hair stylist of two decades) (Has room for one new client at

As I was about to leave the restaurant, a women from the group told me she liked my earrings. I immediately had the urge to take off my earrings and give them to her but I felt shy and that she might think I was strange. I also failed to tell her that I liked the comment she had made during our event about her Mother being someone that inspired her. That truth touched me because I hope my own daughter would be able to announce that to a crowd. After reflecting on my frustration with myself for not giving her my earrings, I remembered that earlier this year a grocery store stocker also told me she loved my earrings and had always wanted to get her ears pierced. I took them out of my ears and said “If I give these to you, will you get your ears pierced?” She said “YES!”. I gave them to her, smiled, and walked away. My daughter witnessed this, and was confused about why I did it. I told her it made me happy to know it would empower this girl to feel adorned and beautiful.

What I learned today is that we really do need to connect with each other, maybe for only a moment, or maybe a lifetime but it really matters.

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Shawna22We are all doing the best we can with life based on our experiences.  You never know how fragile someone might be when you interact with them.  An act of kindness could be a positive impact on their life.  Kindness matters.  Bathe yourself in reverence as if you were a new born baby, or it was your last bath.