Hana, Hawaii

Two years ago I got to go to Maui to celebrate my 10 year anniversary with my husband. We got to visit this magical red sand beach in Hana, Hawaii. Hana is on the 100 year old road that boasts gorgeous views of waterfalls and the ocean along curvy turns. It is a fantastic experience, though scary at moments because the road has been washed out in many places that can only allow one car to pass at a time. The red sand beach is a privately owned piece of Nature that you have to find through word of mouth, there is no sign. You walk the treacherous cliff along the ocean at your own risk. On one of the two days we went, there was an older gentleman heading in the opposite direction as us who slipped on the stones in his flip flops. My husband helped him up, and he was ok. When you reach this area, it is breathtaking how red the sand is with its high iron content contrasting against the most turquoise water you can imagine. Red and turquoise happen to be my most favorite color combo, so I’m sure that adds to my allure of this sacred place where a Hawaiian Queen was born. Of all the exotic places I have traveled, this is the one I most want to go back to.

Mind fool ness


Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment. -Wikipedia

How are you feeling in this moment?  How do you want to feel in this moment?            Will you allow yourself to feel good?  What could you do to feel the best in this moment?  If feeling good, means feeling uncomfortable for a short time, like exercise, will you experience it to get to the other side of feeling good!?

These are complicated questions that mindfulness can help us answer.  Meditation is a way to develop mindfulness.  Meditation can be as simple as observing your breath while you are waiting in a line, as athletic as running, as alternative as sitting cross legged on a mountain top for days, or as luxurious as receiving a Massage and not speaking, only meditating.  The point is to remove distractions.  Answers are easiest to access when you give yourself the time and attention you deserve to figure it out.

Add any one more person to this moment, and their feelings and needs may become a part of your equation.  The more people you add to any moment can continue to dilute your abilities to decipher what emotions are yours, and which emotions are theirs.  Mindfulness is a superpower tool that can help you with this spiritual process of knowing yourself and others.

It is work to focus your brainpower on what you are witnessing and feeling.  Sometimes we bury our feelings in the moment because we do not want the consequences of owning our truth.  We wait until the emotions build up and then the truth explodes like an earthquake, upsetting every one in it’s path.  When we don’t have the strength to speak up in the moment with our truth, it will reveal itself in other ways.  We might quietly detach from someone we love, because we do not like their truth, but do not have the courage to battle with them about it.  We may begin to be rude to them to push them away from us.  We may deny ourselves the healing we need from a traumatic situation.

On the flip side, other times, we react with our truth in an aggressive tone of voice which could make anyone feel defensive immediately.   The consequence of speaking your truth is that someone may not like it and quietly pull away from you, or aggressively challenge you to a duel that you do not want to participate in at that moment.

Mindfulness can help us to respond in a loving way instead of reacting in a defensive way.  Ideally, the person you are responding to has the mindfulness in the moment to also validate you and respond appropriately instead of reacting aggressively.

So, either choice you make in the moment could be hard, as we are gathered together to get through this thing called life.

It seems to me that if we take the time to communicate with one another in a loving way, we could gently help each other be validated and continue to be kind to each other even if we disagree.  I think it is foolish to not develop awareness of how our actions or inactions affect ourselves and others.  Love is the answer, the rest is Mind Fool Ness.