Spain Travel Recovery

aircraft aircraft wing airplane atmosphere

The past few days have been about celebrating Fathers, and recovering from Jet Lag.  I am now happy to share my fascinating Travel experiences!  It takes 20 or more hours to get from Nashville, Tennessee to Barcelona, Spain with needing to arrive 2-3 hours early for international flights, layovers, and long final flight of 8-9 or more hours to get there.  It has recently been called “the coolest city on the Mediterranean”.  I am not sure if they are referring to the very pleasant 75 degree weather I experienced, or the amazing Gaudi’ architecture all over the city, or both.  Either way, I am thrilled that I got to experience it with my lover for 3 days.  On my long flight there, I was just about to drift off to sleep after dinner, when the woman right behind me went into a CODE RED!  The lights came on all over the airplane and the stewardess made an announcement asking for a doctor or nurse to come help the woman who was unresponsive.  Two woman passengers came to help, one a doctor and the other a nurse.  She eventually woke up and drank some juice and water.  They explained to her husband that it did not matter that they were used to taking a sleeping pill each night, because flying makes things different in your body, especially when she added the glass of wine to the mix instead of hydrating with water.  I was relieved that she recovered and happy with myself that I had resisted the free wine and beer, especially since I was traveling alone.  My husband was meeting me in Spain on his way from his work in New Castle, UK.  We were using the weekend and vacation day Monday to explore this romantic city together.  We had a fantastic time!

On a disturbing note, I noticed many men and woman with broken fingers.  Be sure to ask me if you are interested in learning what I found out about it.


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